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Non-C languages for dingoo
« on: October 26, 2009, 03:37:36 pm »
Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone else would also like to see the Dingoo programming language universe get expanded. I mean, it's great to have a C toolbox to write our own thingies for our favourite handheld, but how much greater would it be to have a BASIC, Pascal or Euphoria compiler, for instance, able to produce dingoo/dingux output? In this sense, I have found a couple of interesting projects out there that could be a good starting point.

The first one is the BCX translator, a Basic-to-C translator with a syntax close to Visual Basic. It is very powerful, capable of doing things far beyond the scope of what our little Dingoo can do. It outputs a rather optimised C or C++ code, which in principle could then be compiled with the ordinary dingoo/dingux toolchain to get a dingoo executable. Unfortunately, it is optimised only for Windows and Pocket PC. It lacks, as far as I know, SDL support, but for console-only projects, or as help to speed up the creation of code snippets, it may be useful.

The other one is Bennu. Bennu is a game development tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. It appears that it has been ported to Dingoo. Unfortunately, only for the old ingenic glibc toolchain.

I am hoping that tools like these will help expand the dingoo homebrew community. After all, nothing beats C when it comes to programming power (well, except assembler  ;) ), but sometimes you just want to get down to business with an idea instead of fiddling around with endless lines of code... Or maybe that's just me?

Any ideas, other language tools, etc. are more than welcome.


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Re: Non-C languages for dingoo
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2010, 09:19:42 pm »
Hey Stig!,,

I'm new to the Dingoo community (don't even have my Dingoo yet) BUT I own a Gp2x AND and a professional game artist who also makes games as a hobby.

I use Multimedia Fusion 2 by clickteam and I've recently siceeded in getting some test apps running on my GP2x that I'd made with Multimedia Fusion!  (by exporting the app as a j2me .jar file... MMF2 Dev version can do this now...and then using a j2me runtime on my handheld)

I've just created and poste a test /jar file forsomeone to try to install and run on their Dingoo.  As soon as I get feedback, I'll be purchasing my dingo and will bgin creating a game project SPECIFICALLY to run on Dingoo, GP2x, and Gp2x wiz.

I also plan on putting together a quickdemonstration for the upcoming click community to show all the MMF users that they can now develope original games for these great open handheld devices.

If this all works out it will not only empower tons of creative people like me to make games for these devices, but it will also get a lo more people to purchase Dingoos!

My original post was in this thread.


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