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Need help porting ommpc
« on: July 07, 2010, 07:47:51 pm »
Hi guys,

I?m somehow stuck trying to port ommpc2x.
I compiles with no problems but it segfaults everytime I start it in Dingux.

It actually segfaults while loading a png file  ???  (button.cpp line 70)
I don`t know cpp well I just found where I happens but don`t have a clue why.

Maybe I set something up wrong in my toolchain ?
Or am I using wrong lib* versions?

Hiers a copy of the build directory and a "Binary"

If someone could take a look at this hier some steps:

1. Copy the ommpc2x folder to your apps dir (or somewhere else and change the config files to match your dir)

2. Go in the folder ommpcbuild and typ make clean && make -f Makefile.dingoo in a terminal

3. Try to start it on your dingoo ;-)

I really think/hope I missed something while setting up my toolchain.

greetings sloopy


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Re: Need help porting ommpc
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2010, 08:34:43 pm »
I'm a little late here, but I just happened upon this board and your post.

From glancing at the build directory it looks like you checked out trunk.  It's been awhile since I touched trunk(got rid of my gp2x and never had a wiz), but it's quite possible trunk is not at all stable.  So the first thing I would do it check out "tags/v0_4_6final".  Not promising it will magically work, but it should be a safer starting point.

I'll try to check back occasionally and help out if possible.  I'd love to see ommpc on the dingoo...