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Title: How to create a custom boot SPL? [resolved]
Post by: Stephanie on May 07, 2010, 10:45:00 pm
I'm looking for a way to make my own SPL to boot dingux. The dualboot installer that booboo created basically writes two files into the Dingoo's nand, and I'm looking to replace the first one. This is the one that shows the Dingux splash screen and waits a second or two so you can press Select.

I'm currently using the linux-first version, but that second or two add up and I want to just eliminate the delay completely, boot directly to dingux and not worry about the native firmware at all.

I think I have found the source file that is responsible for this:

I have tried making the u-boot files, but no matter what I do, I can't get it to come up with the nand spl file that I need. When I try to build that, make just says there's nothing to be done. When I make the whole u-boot tree, I get a u-boot.bin file but this file does not appear to be anything like the one that is in the Dingoo (the one that actually loads the zImage and boots it).

If anyone can direct me to instructions, tips, suggestions etc. on how to actually make / compile the SPL file, that would be fantastic!

The file is small, less than 8kb. The linux-priority one is called u-boot-linux.bin and the normal dualboot one is called u-boot-spl.bin and both are around 7900 bytes. They contain the delay loop, wait for the select key, I think they contain the splash screen, and if linux is selected, they redirect to the address where the larger u-boot binary is saved. I don't need to change that larger one, just the small one to remove the delay.

Thank you!

Edited to add: Big thanks to mth who gave me the answers vi irc.