Author Topic: Help with porting GCW zero emus to a320 OpenDingux  (Read 6270 times)

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Help with porting GCW zero emus to a320 OpenDingux
« on: December 07, 2015, 02:48:01 am »
I cannot seem to find a sure fire tutorial on how to convert an OPK Gcw zero emulator like Genesis GX and convert its source code into a compatible and proper build makefile source that runs at proper CPU speed.

I have converted the OPK to DGE by extracting all the data and renaming the .gcw0 executable but the emulation is slow due to the CPU speed and different JZ4770. any help guys?

I tried to adjust some config files in the source code. The main.c file has alot of info for settings anf cpu speed. I just cannot seem to get a makefile build that loads on my a320

I am very new at this and used a Ubuntu VM and terminal to build the source code. I need help guys. I want us Dingoo a320 owners to have the newer emulators and ports the gcw zero is getting.



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