Author Topic: Help with compiling/converting gcw0 OPK emulators for a320 owners!  (Read 3987 times)

Radioboy86 (OP)

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So after just extracting OPK data and changing the .gcw0 file to .dge almost any GCW zero emu game runs on the a320. the issues are the coding and cpu speed cycles values.

I need help with compiling the source of Genesis Gx OPK gcw0 emulator for use on a a320. I renamed and extracted the opk data and emulator runs perfectly on the a320! there is a problem with the cpu timing the games run in stuttering slow motion as the cpu cycles are more than likely coded to run on the jz4770 1ghz cpu. i am so close to getting us a320 owners a working genesis gx emu. I am installing Cygwin x64 and getting the a320 sdk installed too... I am new at this but I have the source code for the gcw0 OPK and makefiles etc. I have edited the main.c values with changed cpu cycles to better match the 430Mhz of the a320. how can i compile another OPK with my modifed main.c tweaks?

please any help? thanks!