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Hekkus Sound System
« on: June 04, 2012, 01:54:13 am »
I had been debating porting over Hekkus Sound System ( to use SDLAudio, but wasn't sure how difficult it would be. I was surprised when it took less than an hour, the Hekkus Sound System callback was the exact same as the SDL_Audio one, so it was just a matter of removing the thread creation (since SDL_Audio handles this), and properly setting up SDL_Audio.

I've e-mail the source of this library to the author of Hekkus Sound System. Hopefully he'll be willing to distribute the (static) library. It might help to e-mail him, and possibly make a donation.

The library is used in Worm Warrior (see for details).

Can someone test this out on Dingux? I would think the only potential issue is the key mappings.
This has only been tested on the Game Gadget, but was compiled using the Windows Dingux toolchain. It only uses SDL video and audio.

If this works, and the original author is OK with distributing it, this would be a nice sound library for games.
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