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Gmenu2x font maker (python)
« on: December 09, 2010, 09:51:32 pm »
I'm not sure, whether i should post this to dingux themes forum, but here it is.
Script uses python imaging library and will make font.png from any ttf given.
I guess this would help gmenu theme makers, because GIMP script didn't work for me, neither did sfontmaker utility (which, actually, I couldn't compile at all).
Usage: python /path/to/font.ttf font_size(e.g. 11) font_color(e.g. 000000) /path/to/save/dir/


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Dude this is awesome! I've had success with sfontmaker (and the gimp script) but I don't like the gradient (this can be disabled) and outlines, I love your script! The kerning support in this script is much better than sfontmaker.

SFont now lives in bitbucket, I have a friendly fork that Karl sometimes pulls from. I dumped your script into my repo and then tweaked it a bit.

My repo is at (python stuff is in the contrib directory, there is a C code generator in there which is nice to making a default font in case the image on disk is missing).

The version there has the Unicode functionality as a parameter, by default it does NOT generate Unicode image fonts.