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Hello Dingoonity Forum,

while I'm trying aout some of my beloved PORTS for dingux, I want to add this topic with a wish I had in my mind:

the Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike PORT

Image Source:

Since we all know Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny which use both the same Wolfenstein 3D game engine, there is something missing I thought while playing the shareware versions on my dingoo and then another zZzap later I remember my first future mission case:

The story is set in the year 2140. Robert Wills Stone III?a.k.a. Blake Stone?is an agent of the British Intelligence, recruited after a highly successful career in the British Royal Navy.

His first major case is to investigate and eliminate the threat of Dr. Pyrus Goldfire, a brilliant scientist in the field of genetics and biology, known for his outright disrespect of professional ethics. Backed by his own organization, STAR, Dr. Goldfire plans to conquer Earth and enslave humanity using an army of specially trained human conscripts, modified alien species, and a host of genetically-engineered mutants. Agent Stone is sent on a mission to knock out six crucial STAR installations and destroy Goldfire's army before it can assault the Earth.

I think it's perhaps very simple to port this game since we already have the Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny ports which use the same Wolfenstein 3D game engine and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold is avaiable as shareware version, too.

Would be great if this is possible ...

Best regards


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Do you have the sourecode to port ;-) ...*g ?

I think they are all closed source. So you can't port.


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If Slaneesh gets dos box working we might be able tooo


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If they're not mods, but standalone games, that use a modified wolf3d engine, you'll have to have the source code of that games in order to port them.
Or spend several days hacking the vanilla wolf3d engine and make all the changes to support these new games.


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DosBox is running now so might be able to run without porting now


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