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DT probably doesnt have the source of the old native OS, so, no way they can modify it. Remember the A330 fiasco? It had 64mb of RAM, but native wasn't modded to use the 64mb, it used only 32 of the original dingoo.

EQ on my A320 works just fine.

starfox works on native firmware?  :o
post a video? ;)

Thanks for review, but it would be nice if you compared it to a320/330.... saying that most emulators work fine means nothing , What FPS in Super mario world are you getting? does it run with no frame skip etc

Hows the Tv out?

Ive heard from others the sound on everything is crappy also

I stick with my a320 untill they make a SIGNIFICANT upgrade

My Experience with the Dingoo A380

The Dingoo A380 can read most .dge dingux extension and neo-geo files straight out of the box 

Neo-Geo files NOW HAVE to be in .FBA format... you can use the FBA file converter "fbacacheas.bat"

Its emulates CP1 & CPS2 Fantastically... ( and on tv output as well )
Videos Are a lot larger due to the bigger screen.

And i love that you can use (2) wireless pads for 2 players on the tv-out (Big Screen TV)
A must for arcade rom users..

Also you can now setup a "wireless multiplayer server" and play 2-players in class.. each using there own dingoo.

My MAIN PROBLEM is that.. "Mame4all" runs good to great on its own hand held screen only..
But it runs terrible on TV output... at least 8 times slower and i know its not the tv out module.. thats causing this.. its software.
As stated above.. CPS2 Games run great... even though these games have lager Graphics and more memory usage.

The snes emulater (built-in) seems to run more games then before (ie) pilotwings , star fox.. to name a few,
most at an incresed speed..

the only flaw as i can see is that .SIM files no longer work.


But best emulation is CPS1+CPS2 Roms.




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