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First of, i will like to thank you for your awesome review of the A380.

I have a question, can you turn off the two internal speekers from the system settings?

That is one of my favorite features in A320, because i was able to use my headphones with the A/V Out port :)

Hoping to see this handheld in my country as well ;)


Do you think it's worth upgrading from the A320?  :D

Meneer Jansen:

--- Quote from: MPQC on July 14, 2011, 02:42:22 am ---Do you think it's worth upgrading from the A320?  :D

--- End quote ---
No MAME no glory! So a super duper NO to this question as far as I'm concerned.

Well I don't use MAME. :\

I was half disappointed and half relieved at how things worked. On the one hand the emus all need to be windowed to a 4:3 aspect and overclocked, since the stock is underclocked to start off. But on the other hand they all worked at least and outperformed some things on the 320. I was very disappointed in the fact that the sound is terrible in almost all of the systems though, and even the music player doesn't have the same features it used to. I really liked that it could play in the background, and that the equalizers WORKED instead of just flipping through presets that don't do anything...And the picture viewer is better, but it doesn't do animated gif's anymore. Obviously these are all things that DT could do easily to the OS, but I feel they're just being really d*** lazy and justify it by saying "it wasn't a problem for us". All in all the poor thing needs an update, but it is a better build and has more potential than the 320. Hopefully the scene doesn't die for it.


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