Author Topic: How smoothly dose the Dingoo A380 run for games?  (Read 3465 times)

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How smoothly dose the Dingoo A380 run for games?
« on: February 01, 2015, 08:19:43 pm »
How smoothly dose it run for snes and gba emu?

I'm trying to decide between the Dingoo A380 & GCW Zero, I understand that the Zero is stronger spec. wise, but dose what the Dingoo A380 alrdy have spec. Wise good enough to play games like Mario Rpg, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger smoothly ( or as closely as possible where it's bearable, ie not  much sound delay, gameplay slow down, or stutters?)

If the Dingoo A380 even though has a lower spec wise than the Zero, if it can run the games listed fairly well I will l just try to search for a Dingoo A380 instead, if not I'll look into getting a Zero

And this is just to play off the A380 not on TV.

I understand that it probably not just the specs, but also the emulator program it self, as well as the sd card you choose to use, regarding those as well what is the better choice to go with if I'm just looking to play the snes and gba:
 Dingoo A380  or  Gcw Zero

*Yes I posted In the GCW Zero forum helping me decide what emulator I should look into buying, and I understand the Zero is better spec wise I just really like the A380 and would like to hear what Dingoo A380 users have to say about it in terms of usage with it.

Im sorry for the double post but this is more in regards of the A380 ,and players usage of It ,experience or what you've heard of it.

Thank you for taking your time in reading, and your input on my situation.

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