Author Topic: Help, my A-380 disconnects instantly when connected to my computer.  (Read 878 times)

JustBruce (OP)

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Hello, sorry if this is a repost, did a quick search with the phrase "disconnects from computer" and found no results, I'm a newbie so be nice plz =)

I just got my A380 and when connected to the computer via the mini usb it appears for a few seconds then shows me a message that it got disconnected and that I should safely disconnect or data may be loss and yadda yadda (you know what message)

Problem is I havent done a thing, didn't touch the cable or anything, it just gets expeled after a few seconds.
Im running a mac could this be the problem? do I have to use a PC?

Can someone tell me how to fix this? Would really appreciate it.
Thanks for your attention.

Alien Grey

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There's a strange compatibilty issue with the Dingoo A-380 internal MicroSD card and Linux. Maybe this is also the same issue with a MAC. It isn't because the MicroSD card is bad because it works fine with an USB or SD converter. I think it's the combination of the Dingoo A-380 MicroSD slot, original Dingoo A-380MicroSD card and Linux.

Replacing the original internal MicroSD card with a SanDisk 32GB Class 4 MicroSD card fixed the problem for me.
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This also happened to me until i replaced the MicroSD card inside. I'm using Linux.
Dingoo A380, 8GB MicroSD card inside


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