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Title: Dust, Snes question
Post by: nes on June 05, 2014, 06:18:58 am
Hello ppl, im looking to buy a new retro portable and im looking whats out there, saw this today and it reminded me some good all days with my dingooA320.

But it also reminded me that i broke the L button trying to remove the dust under the screen, and even got more dust in it afther that.

So i would like to know if this portable also gets dust under the screen?
And my snes question is if snes emulator works better that in the A320.

Thats all thanks.
Title: Re: Dust, Snes question
Post by: Alien Grey on June 05, 2014, 10:35:55 am
No, it doesn't get dust under the screen but I'm using a pouch to protect my Dingoo A-380. It's actually a pouch for (sun)glasses but it fits perfectly for the Dingoo A-380.

Only the special chip games like Star Fox don't run smooth on the Dingoo A-380. Some of the games do need frameskip 1 to run without slowdowns.

Good luck trying to find a real Dingoo A-380 available somewhere if you decide to buy one.  ;D