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New release. Main changes since last pubic release:

* Support for Ayla's full screen scaler
* Menu improvements, e.g. control of key bindings. From Hi-Ban
* IMPORTANT the menu key(s) have changed, slide the power button to enter the menu
* Improved SD card support
* New smaller font From Hi-Ban
* More palettes From Hi-Ban
* Support for more save slots From Hi-Ban
* Enable/Disable FPS From Hi-Ban
* Optional TTF support
* Install anywhere with just the .app file (background and font file are optional)

For a change log see http://code.google.com/p/ohboy/source/list

There is caanoo support too BUT I don't have a Caanoo so I'm not personally making Caanoo builds.

As always I'm looking for help with the OhBoy wiki and for development/building releases.

[EDIT: doc the other new stuff I forgot!]

It worked absolutely fine on my old Gemei X-760+  ;)
However the sound is low :(
Can I change the code!

Please send a source code  ???

limit volume on dingoo is 30
limit volume on Gemei X-760+ is 100
Please make a version of gnuboy for Gemei X-760+ with limit volume = 100

Thanks! Oh boy is the best GB emulator for Dingoo!

great!this emu is very good!
but there have some little bugs...if these can be adjusted...this emu will be best!

bugs below
1.why not set "gb' a button" as "dingoo's a button" by default,...
2.brower dont support chinese filename...
3.some roms dont be supported...
4.if can add a gbc filter that can chang corlor to mono ,will good.. 

a little question..how much is default frequency?i want to know,thanks:)


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