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Author Topic: Help: TXTReader (v2.78) released (but how to install and run this?)  (Read 4238 times)

Tabaluga_FX (OP)

  • Posts: 29
Until yesterday I used the old TXTReader by subzero (v2.4) [T+UK] [link] and found out, that a newer release for TXTReader by Steve Lanny (v2.78) is out (released in December 2009), but I don't know why no one talks about this release here, so I think I'll post the information about the (new) release here ...

I'm using the dingoonity.org Firmware by omgomg (v1.2b), but I don't know how I can install and run this new release.

Today I found out that you need the TXTReader-archive [link] (extracted into the GAME-directory) and the platform-archive [link] (extracted into the main-directory).

If the extracted platform-archive content is missing, a message appears which tells you to install it. After you've done this and launch a txt-file, nothing happens here.

More download stuff is available at Steve Lannys homepage [link], found an bugfix and some newer releases, but (all I think perhaps) for another system.

So here's my question: How can I install and run this new TXTReader (v2.78) release? Or is there another solution possible?

best regards


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