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[this tutorial requires WinRAR]

The DingooXXXX emulators by lion use the ZIP algorithm to compress ROMs, so to save you the trouble of answering "yes" every time it asks you to compress your ROMs, do a batch compress and batch rename via WinRAR & windows command prompt:

Step 1. Explorer to your Dingoo /root/

Step 2. navigate to /GAME/XXXX where XXXX is the folder of roms you want to comress. in this tutorial I used my MD2 folder (Mega Drive 2) take note they have the .smd extension

Step 3. Select all the uncompressed ROMs and then right click to "Add to archive.."

Step 4. As I mentioned above, DingooXXXX uses ZIP algorithm so select the ZIP radio button...

Step 5. ... and select "Files" tab. In the "Archives" section, make sure to enable "Put each file to separate archive", then click OK. Wait for WinRAR to finish compressing all the ROMs.

Step 6. Now you can erase all the uncompressed .smd files. That leaves you with a folder with nothing but .zip files. Right click an empty spot in a folder, but don't do a regular right click-- you have to use SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK to display additional contextual menu options. Select "Open command window here."

Step 7. Windows will bring you a command prompt window. All you have to do is type:

ren *.zip *.smd

[NOTE: if you're doing your SNES, NES, or another folder, make sure to use the proper extensions for that folder!]

Step 8. Now all your ROMs are magically compressed and with the proper extension. No more getting asked "Do you want to compress this ROM" every time you exit DingooXXXX.

The total yield for the compressed group of files is 30.5 megabytes compared to 54 megabytes uncompressed for a savings of 44% on my Dingoo's internal memory.
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Re: [Tutorial] Mass compression of ROMs for DingooXXXX native emulators
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wow good job, this should change to sticky


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Re: [Tutorial] Mass compression of ROMs for DingooXXXX native emulators
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I have just carried out the same thing to my ROMS but i found that 7zip in ZIP mode with ultra compression gives slightly better compression than winRAR. There is no GUI option to make each file a seperate archive like in winRAR so batch files are required (i can post mine if need be) but when dealing with 4gb max internal memory any space savings are worthwhile IMO.

PS. I am hoping and praying that lion produces an emulator for the other systems. They have nice interface and zip support.  ;D