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Title: Shuffle freezes my Dingoo
Post by: mtarzaim on December 19, 2009, 08:11:22 pm
Here is an issue I get on my dingoo (fw 1.20, kingston 8 GB microSD + MiniSD Adapter).

If I try to use the shuffle option in the main menu, my dingoo freezes, apparently forever.
5 minutes after,it was still frozen. So hard reseted.

There is a lot of mp3 on my microSD (6+ GB), so I assume the shuffle option tries to make a random list of everything, before read it to play the first random song.
It's a bad behavior, because, in my case, there is too many items to list, and the dingoo probably can't process so much quickly enough. Or maybe the memory allowed to build the list is far too small. So it froze.

My solution was to go in the browser feature, go in my music directory (on my MicroSD), and mark every songs I want "favorite".
Then, I get a full list of favorite songs in the "Favorite" option.
I begin to play one random file (generally the first of the list), and I finally get my shuffle play.

The bad side of this solution is I had to mark manualy hundreds of files.  :-[

It's also sad the current FW can't resume play.  :-\
I hope the next fw will be more fitted to a blind use (pausing/resuming play without watching) that most of pmp already offer.
Title: Re: Shuffle freezes my Dingoo
Post by: darfgarf on December 19, 2009, 09:36:28 pm
pause/resume-right trigger
put songs in folders by favourite/other categories, hit folder once, then set play mode to shuffle (hold Y to change it)