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Topic: Need Help With PSX4ALL
« on: July 12, 2012, 04:10:05 pm »
Ok, so I successfully installed Dingux on my A320 but I'm having trouble booting PSX4ALL. The icon appears in the DINGUX GUI but gives me a black command screen for a few seconds and goes back to the GUI. When I add a selector to the .cfg file, none of the files (including scph1001.bin, which is in the psx4all folder) doesn't boot the emulator up.  I have to questions about the setup:

1. What EXACT file name am I booting up when inserting the following portion of code into menu_emulator.cfg? There isn't an extentension or an extensionless file by the same name in the psx4all folder that I unzipped (see the highlighted):

MenuItem psx4all
Icon = "res/emulators/psx4all.png"
Name = " psx4all"
Executable = "./psx4all"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/emulators/psx4all

2. Should a selector be added to boot the emulator up (ex Selector= Yes)?

3. All the instructions say the same vague thing...but I notice that it never instructs you to unzip the file? If I am suppose to be unzipping the file then which file is it referencing when it tells me to drop it into the psx4all folder (exact name with extensions please)?

Sorry if I come of a bit frustrated, its just I was up all night trying figure out what I'm doing wrong and its bugging me. Any help would be appreciated...


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Re: Topic: Need Help With PSX4ALL
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2012, 04:52:14 pm »
What version of Dingux are you using? It sounds that you have an old version and you are not using GMenu2X.

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Re: Topic: Need Help With PSX4ALL
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2012, 06:27:16 pm »
I'm not sure. Whichever one, I downloaded from here:

And that's the other thing...I'm having a problem with the Gmenu2X install as well. I followed the bellow instruction to a "T" but nothing happens when I hold select to boot it:

1. Download this:

2. Extract the zip you just downloaded. You need to find the proper kernel for your Dingoo in the Kernel folder, rename it to just "zImage". It needs to be the right one for your Dingoo's LCD type. To find this out, in the Native Dingoo firmware, go to System Setup -> About and press up, right, down, up, right, down.  Your LCD type is listed in the 3rd line - Look for ILI9331 or ILI9325.

3. Copy the zImage, rootfs, and local folder to your miniSD card, in that order.

4. Search the archives for the games, apps, and emulators you want and put them in the corresponding folders in the local folder on your miniSD card.

5. With the miniSD in your Dingoo, turn it on. Hold Select. It'll boot into Gmenu.

6. Press Select on the Gmenu screen, go to Add link. Add a link for each emulator or game.

7. If you try to start an emulator, and all it does is scroll some text and go back to the menu, try and go to Edit, turn On the Selector Browser, and select your rom folder for the Selector Directory.

If you have any more problems with installing Dingux, there are two stickied topics at the top of the Dingux Help forum. You can find other useful info by using the forum's search function.


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Re: Topic: Need Help With PSX4ALL
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2012, 05:10:25 pm »
If you followed and downloaded only the links from that tutorial, and you see this when you start Dingux, then you have a really old version, that's probably why PSX4All crashes.

Try downloading a newer version of Legacy Dingux or download OpenDingux.

Then make sure you have the latest version of PSX4All (I think it's this). Put the content of that .zip file somewhere in your sdcard and on GMenu2X press Select and then "Add link to ...". You'll have to search for one of the .dge files that you just put there. I think it has it's own menu, but if you need to add a selector place the cursor over the new Icon you created, press Select and then "Edit link". Then put "Selector browser" to "ON" and chose the directory of your psx games in the opcion "Selector Directory".


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