Author Topic: a few newby questions about the dingoo (software)  (Read 3249 times)

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a few newby questions about the dingoo (software)
« on: May 19, 2012, 09:33:39 am »
First of all i wasnt too sure where to post this, so if this is in the wrong section, i apologise. Ive recently been looking into buying a dingoo (a320/30) but had quite a few questions which i need clearing up before buying.

1. Are any of the emulators in the native software better than the ones that are used on dingux?

2. Is there any difference in installation for an a330 as opposed to the a320?

3. Can dingux be installed on the internal flash space, or does it have to be installed onto a memory card?

Anyway, if anyone could take the time to answer my questions it would be much appreciated,

EDIT: removed some questions i no longer need answering and put in some new ones.
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Re: a few newby questions about the dingoo (software)
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2012, 06:20:00 pm »
1 - For native you have lion_rsm's emulators, they are really good and some people say they are better than the Dingux options. It's really hard to answer that, "better" means something different for different people, but they are fast, have good compatibility and all have the same interface. In Dingux you have also good speeds, good compatiblity and much more options (more emulators of the same system and emulator for systems that doesn't exists in native). I really recommend you to test the different options, some systems are perfect in both OS's, but some will never be (like SNES, EVERY emulator has his limitations).

2 - I guess it's not exactly the same, maybe someone else knows better. There's a subforum for the A330, you may find your answer there.

3 - The final version of OpenDingux will support this, but for now it's impossible.


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