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Place to order original case model Dingoo
« on: November 29, 2011, 12:49:49 am »
(I wasn't sure where to put this topic)
I've been searching the web in and out wondering which vendor sells Dingoos that are preferably original models, the ones that first came out with satin buttons. Even if it's not the original model, I'm looking for a white Dingoo A320 that does not shine light through the shell when in dark or dim areas. I've noticed from watching videos and pictures of Dingoos that the white cases with satin finished buttons do not project light through the sides of the buttons or the seam that the two shells chassis meet each other. Basically, I just need to find a white Dingoo that its case does not shine light at all through it. I've looked at dingoo digital USA web site and am possibly imminent to order one from them. Anyone have any other suggestions for a vendor that features this case feature? I'd really appreciate an answer soon, and please be as descriptive as possible. Thanks!  ;)
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