Author Topic: NOOB! - help please - :$ ; received dingoo a330 a few days ago..  (Read 2679 times)

Ashi1989 (OP)

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I know I'm very slow, but only recently have I found out about dingoo!

I live in the UK so I ordered one from eBay (without researching). It took three weeks to come (a330). Only yesterday I had installed dingux following a YouTube tutorial, however, regarding the GBA emulators they do not work..I have done all the link/edit etc, and tried three different GBA emulators, all they seem to do is start up and close straight away, one GBA emulator starts up, goes black, then white , which therefore, needs a reset. I have read up and apparently there's HK versions ?! I think I may have fallen victim to this. Anyway, what can I do..? And if possible can anyone post the latest dingux driver? And is there anyway to improve/update the native software.

If you would kindly help me please!