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how to install Dingux on A320e
« on: April 16, 2012, 04:31:44 am »
Hello all,
  I'm posting this asking for help. I recently bought a dingoo a320e and scavenge the net for how to install dingux on it. I could only find things on installing it to a320. the begin, I know I need to know my LCD number but everytime I go to the about page and do the up-right-down-up-right-down thing i just get the regular about screen. I guess my first question would be am I screwed from the start just because it is a a320e and not an a320 or 380? the other thing is that when I first got it, deleted he prebuilt in games in the emulators to give me more space and to put the games I would actualy play. did i goof by doing this and if so, where could I get the files it came with so I could re install them? lastly, is it possible that the dingoo I got was defective from the get go? thanks for taking time to hear out my pleas for help.

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Re: how to install Dingux on A320e
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Re: how to install Dingux on A320e
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Thank you
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