Author Topic: Dingoo makes strange noise when plugged in, won't flash for Windows to find  (Read 1579 times)


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I'm working on unbricking this Dingoo, and every time I plug it into the USB drive it makes this kinda low whining noise. Holding reset and B seems to stop the whining about half the time, but once I release reset, it goes back to whining and Windows doesn't recognize it as it should. I'm sort've at a loss, so any help you guys could give me would be great.


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No idea..


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Holding reset and B
And why would you do that?


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Holding down reset + B puts the A320 into flashing mode, so you can use the un-bricking tool and re-flash the firmware. Am guessing that's what he's trying to do.


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What I meant is that there's no point to hold reset, you just have to hold B for the time you click on the reset button.

About the noise, I honestly have no idea.