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Title: Dingoo A320 - Major Help!
Post by: ChocoboCam on August 25, 2013, 07:55:38 am
Okay, so I ordered my Dingoo a320 from think geek, and I loved it. Unfortunately it got bricked when trying to play Pocky and Rocky 2. I tried unbricking it using an older program, that was completely chinese, but it didnt work. Earlier today I tried it out with a new program called ChinaChip burning tool. up until that point, my dingoo had a white screen when alive. however, the screen turned off after using it (I pressed B when putting in the usb and chose the DL config and the firmware. The installer said Finished, but now it's stuck off and wont turn back on! I was wondering if anyone had any help here.
Title: Re: Dingoo A320 - Major Help!
Post by: lemmywinks on August 25, 2013, 11:40:42 am
Have you searched for the unbricker on these forums? Never happened to me but IIRC it soted the WSOD, I also think you need to get a specific one if you have the newer LCD.

Although it's not much help now your Dingoo probably wasn't bricked at all, it just crashed and all you needed to do was press the reset button on the side.