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Author Topic: Dingoo "a380e" e for evil?  (Read 6815 times)

romanaOne (OP)

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Dingoo "a380e" e for evil?
« on: February 21, 2014, 01:20:35 pm »
So I bought this thing on eBay for $70, thinking I was getting a good deal.
  • It appears to be un-upgradable?
  • The battery is dead and will not charge
  • GBC/GBA/NES emulation are okay to good quality
  • SNES emulation sucks--not a big deal to me as I prefer GBA versions of most games.
  • Menus are messed up and I have to select game ROMs from the File Browser to play

Nevertheless, I'm sending it back for a replacement b/c I actually like the size and weight better than real GB/GBA/GBA SP/Nintendo DS which are all uncomfortable to hold, especially the DS. Nintendo handheld screens all stink, except for the DS and AGS101. The Dingoo's screen is brilliant by comparison.

I read in these forums its guts look like a320.

What firmware upgrades can be done?
I tried putting various .hfx files on the internal storage and selecting the "automatic update" menu. But it always says "File not found." The version of the firmware says V1.0.0R137 in the settings menu. It also says it is "a380e?" whatever that means.... It's black, the box says "a380e," and there is no internal micro SD card.

Funny key combinations up-right-down-up-right-down does not reveal what type of LCD it has or any other infos; nothing happens when I do that in the About menu.

Does dingux work with this model?
I am aware that getting dingux on there involves getting special firmware flashed and using dd to write a linux disk image to the micro SD. Before I get embroiled in this, I'd like to know if anyone has successfully done it on the "a380e."

Can I install any 3rd party emulators?
I tried putting .SIM files like some colecovision emulator ColeCOO in the internal storage but nothing happens when I select ROMs to play. Tried rebuilding the media library, but it didn't make a difference.

Edit: I've been reading reviews of many handheld systems with customizable firmwares and home-brew games & emulators. Looks like the Sony PSP 2001 can do most everything this hunk of junk can--filetrip lists heaps of emulators(GBA,SNES,etc)--and it's cheaper.  But then, it may only look good on paper. It's hard to tell until you actually try one.
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Re: Dingoo "a380e" e for evil?
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2014, 08:49:11 pm »

Don't have much solutions, but just sharing some progresses I already have done with A380e...
Genesis emulator works perfectly
Master System emulator doesn't work (only the sound, in the Others folder).
GBA works well, but only have 2 buttons working (no L, R) . This is the one I most want to have working...
Game Gear emu works perfectly (Others folder)
SNES emu doesn't work well, it's too fast...

Battery is pretty good and the buttons' responses are very good too...
Waiting some light from you...


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