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Author Topic: The different type of Dingoos - Trying to clear up the confusion!  (Read 114879 times)


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Re: The different type of Dingoos - Trying to clear up the confusion!
« Reply #160 on: April 25, 2010, 02:35:22 am »
Why is the A360 fishy and you speak of legalities about a machine that does emulation of  just the GBA? I mean the A320 does a hell of alot more then just emulate one system?

My point from jump street is if they are the true Dingoo  that being Shenzen Dingoo Digital why would you lay low for 7 months let another company take your glory and you customers from you and then appear and say ohhhh the HK serial numbered Dingoo A320 is fake.

If anything sounds fishy or weird I would say not saying anything for seven months to the resellers or customers is fishy. So with that said my explaination makes alot more sense and warrants alot more merit.

The spelling in chinese that translates dingoo = ding guo take a look at dingoo888.cn direct marketing page translated it says ding guo.

Once the page comes up click on the direct marketing link it will take you to the website they are selling there dingoo on dingoo888.cn that is

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Re: The different type of Dingoos - Trying to clear up the confusion!
« Reply #161 on: April 25, 2010, 03:41:36 am »
My final thought on the matter:

Yes Mr. Zheng has possesion of the Shenzen Dingoo Digital Office in Gungdong Shenzen City China and yes he has control over the website dingoo888.cn

But we resellers all buy and have bought our stock from the same people and same group since day one when they were with Shenzen Dingoo Digital and now that they have started the new Company after the split Dingoo Tech.

All Mr. Zheng intended to do was spread panic and make everyone freak out about the HK which we know is not fake because if it was why didn't he make a fuss about it 7 months ago when they first appeared.

Why wait seven months to all of a sudden revamp your website you address and everything and all of a sudden start spreading rumors about a fake dingoo. When if that was the case you should have been doing it from day one to protect your company and the money you make from it.

Two as I stated above why would you let someone make gobs and gobs of money for 7 months and take all your resellers and customers away from you?

Welp final thought ended and I will leave the rest of you to have your thoughts and views on the matter as you may as I have stated my share of truthful facts and now leave it up to you to make a judgment on your on.


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