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Title: Dingoo A320 for sale in the UK
Post by: lemmywinks on February 07, 2014, 10:19:41 pm
Selling my Dingoo A320 as I'm getting a GPD G5A and don't use it much any more. It's a black one with the paw logo on the back and a HK serial number, the LCD is one of the older ones (ILI9325) which are better quality. It's in ok condition, there is some light leak from the case seam on the sides and the odd mark, the screen has a few scuffs but nothing too bad. Nothing which gets in the way of gaming really.

The main bad point is that is won't switch off. The power slider works but the unit will not stay off and reboots back to the native OS (or OpenDingux if you hold select). Even powering off from GMenu results in a reboot instead of a shutdown, weird but possibly fixable. Apart from that the unit works as it should, I have been using the sleep mode in OD to save battery and the battery life in general is good anyway.

As well as the device itself I have installed OpenDingux onto a Class 10 8gb Sandisk Ultra MicroSD card, this comes with a micro-mini SD adapter. In terms of accessories it comes in it's original box with crappy earphones and a mini USB cable, no charger block as I binned it due to fire risk. It also comes with a silicone shell (which has a small tear on the side) and a soft zip case which is a great fit. The case has a big Slazenger logo on it as it's a watch case, however it fits the Dingoo much better!

These are selling for ?50+ plus p&p on eBay UK so given the power slider fault I would like ?30. I'll get pictures up tomorrow hopefully.
Title: Re: Dingoo A320 for sale in the UK
Post by: lemmywinks on February 08, 2014, 11:11:36 am
Pics here:


Just noticed the silicone case has a little tear in it but it still works, could probably be glued or something.