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Alternative to Dingoo
« on: March 30, 2011, 11:23:23 pm »
Hi guys and girls...

Just wondering if there is any real decent alternative to the Dingoo as far as system that can Emulate 8 bit/16 bit era (inc Arcade upto MVS/CPS2 spec) with better compatability and speed.

Looking at some of the Alternatives (exc Letscool, JXD and other not so good/popular systems).

We have the DT A330 which is a Dingoo with 64MB Ram PSP style case (which is not much different to a Dingoo A320 overall).

We have the A380 bigger A320 with more Ram and 500Mhz CPU.

The Gemei X760+ which seems simular to Dingoo A320 Tech wise, and Gemei A330 simular to upcomming Dingoo A380

I am not sure any of the above would be a worthy upgrade to a Dingoo.

Then we have the GPH consoles, not sure a GP2X F200 is much of a upgrade to a Dingoo and cost more (hard to get).

So i was thinking of a Wizz or Caanoo both seem to have same spec instead in box, only i dont really like how the Wiz does not have propper 4 buttons and worries over its screen. The Caanoo looks the system to get but they cost 130 and have no D-Pad (if only they had D-Pad and Analog like 3DS/PSP).

So guys is there any of those systems worth getting, or should i stick with Dingoo A320 untill something better comes along, or untill we get more support for the A380 or Caanoo.

Thank You :)
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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2011, 11:28:23 pm »
If you have the $$$ the pandora is perfect, can even emulate some N64.

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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2011, 12:12:56 am »
Yeah Pandora are cool, only problem is they are not mass produced, they retail for 230 but because they are rare the two i have seen on ebay went for 350 odd each. Thats a lot a new Dingoo is about 80

I am thinking of a Caanoo or see whatt GPH have out next, spec wise the Caanoo should be ideal 128MB Ram they overclock to 700Mhz as easy as Dingoos do 400Mhz and they have a GPU which can be handy to take some load of the CPU.

But i guess its waiting to see when developers and homebrew comunity starts to support them better.

I have brought 2 Dingoos off Ebay they cost me about 50 each 2nd hand, and both have minor problems.

I guess because of them being chinese mass produced gadets.

Re: Alternative to Dingoo
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I wouldn't believe the Dingoo Tech A380 being 500mhz. Apparently the Jz4755 is a 400mhz cpu underclocked to 360mhz. It seems they are up to their typical Chinese PMP lies. So for all intents and purposes it's probably going to be another over priced A320 clone; like their A330. I suppose it's overclock limit might be around 500mhz. But... yeah.

Supposedly Gemei / Dingoo Digital / whoever is making an "A320e" here pretty soon. Might want to wait and see what that's all about.

Personally, I think my next purchase is going to be a decent netbook.

Maybe a PSP.
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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2011, 12:30:39 am »
Cheers Jessie guess i make do with my dingoos....

Pitty both have some problems. Black one as good as new (protector on) just many green pixels, White one a few scratches and 2-3 white pixels (no protector) and nightmare fail in getting a ds protector on because my house is a dustball :( got some more on order though.

I guess i will play with these for a few months then sell them for like 30-40 each and get new one for 80 or wait to see whats around the corner.

The Gemei 330 looks a good kit, pitty its not so open source at the moment, once Dingux is ported and homebrew updates and support is at the level the Dingoo has i guess they would be fine. Cant beleave i missed out on one for 30, acted to slow so guy swapped for a Nokia Touch Phone.

Re: Alternative to Dingoo
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There's no "i" in my name. "Jessie" is typically the girly version. ;)


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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
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If you have dust problems when putting the screen protector turn on the shower at high temperature and wait a couple of minutes, the steam will help with the dust.

Re: Alternative to Dingoo
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Yeah, I had a dust problem too. I had to take apart my DT-A330 about five more times than I wanted because of one or two dust particles trapped under the case in front of the screen.;) Drove me crazy.


Re: Alternative to Dingoo
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So we are still waiting for a proper successor to the Dingoo A320?

I imagine that would be something like GP2X handheld (or PSP) at a price of A320. When GP2X users wanted to improve it, they ended up with Pandora which is totally awesome and totally expensive. At least the GP folks have better policy about SDK and stuff than the Chinese PMP manufacturers.


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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #9 on: March 31, 2011, 10:28:04 am »
I don't think we've realized the A320's full potential to be honest. But a successor would need to have one of the following really:
  • Faster CPU
  • Graphics acceleration
  • WiFi

The A380 looks promising but I don't trust Dingoo Technologies, the A330 also promises a lot for the future but isn't really much of an upgrade in its current state.

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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
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There's no "i" in my name. "Jessie" is typically the girly version. ;)

 ::) opps sorry ;) i will remember from now on

So as far as spec goes the Pandora is a great machine a bit Overkill maybe.... i wonder if they would ever consider another console without the qwerty keyboard and lower spec.

The Caanoo looks good enough 533Mhz that seems to clock to 600-700Mhz no problem, a 3D GPU and 128MB should be more than enough to perfectly emulate all systems prior to the N64/Arcade games like Killer Instinct etc.

Its  a pitty the Caanoo Tech was not in a case simular to that of the bottom half of the 3DS, that would be potential homebrew hand held heaven  ;D


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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #11 on: March 31, 2011, 01:14:10 pm »
The caanoo is a great little device and has a lot of momentum building up behind it. It is more expensive but has a bigger screen, wifi, touch screen, and acceleromter. Lots of emulators have already been ported over and has compatibility with SOME wiz and gp2x applications. I had a wiz and I got screen rot. It was replaced but the shoulder button broke. Im on my third but it hardly gets used. The caanoo occupies most of my time now.

bigdavebear (OP)

Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #12 on: March 31, 2011, 04:09:52 pm »
Thats good to know, i was going to get a Wiz but what put me off was the problems with screen tearing, as i am a funny bugger  and perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that and screen quality.

So i waited a few months, then was going to get Wiz but then the Caanoo came out, i read a lot of the Wiz screen tearing at been fixed in most emus, then as i was making my mind up Wiz or wait for Caanoo, i came across videos, reviews etc of the cheaper Dingoo and so went for that instead, also latter found out some Wiz have screen rot problems because of its OLED getting/growing some kind of fungus.


Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #13 on: March 31, 2011, 04:35:12 pm »
I have two a320's an a330 a caanoo and  2 wiz's. Now that Think Geek is selling the Wiz for $99 ( and and $10 off that with cupon) I highly recommend the Wiz. Besides Qbertaddicts bad luck I think the build quality is great, the screen is gorgeous and I don't think screen Rot is as common as it seems. Both my a320's the smaller buttons like start/select and shoulder buttons have gone bad  and I dont use them much for games at all mostly media etc. My boy's a330 has split at the seam and needed to be glued back together. The Dpad buttons on the Wiz are nothing like the dpad itself they are a bit close but they feel like the Caanoo buttons to me great for classic games where you have to roll your thumb down to jump like megaman , contra or mario. It may sound like i'm down on the Dingoo but I'm not. I'm thinking of getting another actually . But if your looking for an alternative to the Dingoo I bet even with the fear of screen rot it will last you longer than the dingoo plus thinkgeek has a good return policy.

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Re: Alternative to Dingoo
« Reply #14 on: March 31, 2011, 05:20:17 pm »
I am in the UK though and so will get customs tax that can be anything, and sometimes it works out to about 20% what i paid on the item, last time i ordered from China the customs tax was about the same as the item so it cost me double.

Has the screen tearing been fixed with most emulators, what ones still suffer?