Author Topic: Hacking official FW 1.22 (different languages)  (Read 5563 times)


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Hacking official FW 1.22 (different languages)
« on: November 27, 2010, 09:32:50 pm »
Hi, everyone!

Well, the last few days I tried to customize dingoo firmware. At the very first time I encountered some problems with HXF-tool. I found that v.0.6 corrupts some data in it and my dingoo bricks every time. But I passed this problem by using lower version of tool (0.4). So, my first goal was to fix some language mistakes both in English and Russian languages. It wasn't so hard to do with v.1.20 firmware, because it already has language switcher, but 1.22 hasn't.
I think that there is a code in 1.22 that allows to switch languages but it was disabled. Maybe someone knows how to fix it and enable other languages.