Author Topic: SNES/GBA Slowdown?  (Read 4227 times)

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SNES/GBA Slowdown?
« on: March 05, 2013, 08:52:38 pm »
I bought a Dingoo a320 about a week ago, and I'm enjoying it a lot, but I notice on a couple of game boy advance games (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Golden Sun) and a decent amount of SNES games that I get a fair amount of slowdown, sometimes to the point of being unplayable. There's also a couple SNES games that won't even load up (Kirby Super Star among others, I assume it's an issue with the chip). I know most people suggest Dingux for the Dingoo, but MiniSDs are hard to come by here, and I was curious as to whether Dingux fixes these issues, because that's the only reason I can see for going through the time/expense to get a MiniSD card from Amazon or whatever. Thanks in advance!