Author Topic: Please update custom dingoonity firmware  (Read 4210 times)

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Please update custom dingoonity firmware
« on: May 13, 2013, 08:21:04 pm »
Dear Dingoonity Forum,
Dear omgmog,
Dear pmo,

could you please update the latest dingoo firmware (v1.22) with all the great dingoonity stuff (bootscreen, default settings, key and strings-fixes ...) and create a new custom dingoonity firmware version with the both options a (a = game folder onto internal memory) and b (b = game folder onto sd-card)?

Currently I'm using the custom dingoonity firmware (v1.2b), but I'm not willling to install the newer dingoo firmware (v1.22) cause I don't want to copy my game folder twice to use it within three operation-systems (Native, Dingux and OpenDingux).

Best regards


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