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Author Topic: GBA, PCE and LYNX emulators not working  (Read 2895 times)

Gorillafunk (OP)

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GBA, PCE and LYNX emulators not working
« on: September 17, 2017, 01:50:05 pm »
Hi all,

Last time I hit this forum, people were super helpful so here goes...

I have a Dingoo A330. In terms of the model/system, it used to load up with a paw print until I bricked it playing Kirby on GBA and after a refresh (and lots of help from this forum) it now loads up with the Lizard / Jungle's logo. Most of my emulators work fine, Genesis, Game Gear, SNES, NES but i'm having problems with the GBA, Lynx and PCE.

I've been struggling with this for a few months but no solutions yet.

I have the GBA.SIM and GBA.CFG files from the Dingoo Mega Pack in the GAME folder. When I try to load a game it crashes on the loading screen (colourful logo). I read that I should try deleting the CFG file but didn't work either. My GBA roms are saved in a sub-folder of the GAME folder titled GBA.

I have the LynGOO.sim file from Dingoonity (V 1.2) along with a lynxboot img file I got from elsewhere. They are saved in the GAME folder and my Lynx roms are saved in a sub-folder of the GAME folder titled LYNX.

I have the DOOengine.sim file from Dingoonity in the GAME folder. My PCE roms are in a subfolder of the GAME folder titled TGFX. I tried using the 'Temper' programme also but couldn't get them working.

All of my roms are unzipped. Any tips about what I might be doing wrong? I've been trying to fix it myself for a few months trying various options but to no avail.

Gorillafunk (OP)

  • Posts: 9
Re: GBA, PCE and LYNX emulators not working
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2018, 01:31:36 pm »
For those who are interested I have now got the GBA, PCE emulators working a few days ago.

For GBA I replaced the emulator with one marked for HK Dingoo. Mine isn't a HK Dingoo but maybe this is related to the refresh which I did after bricking it a while ago.

For PCE, I just had to place the emulator in the 3D Games folder. I had placed it in the Game folder by accident.

Just posting in case anyone else is in the same situation.

Still trying to get a couple of others going including Lynx and Wonderswan.


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