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Title: Super Game Boy?
Post by: grumpus on August 12, 2011, 07:38:14 pm
Is there any emulator for Dingux or the Native OS that supports Super Game Boy features?
These are:
Frames (also for hybrid GBColor/SGB games) (not very important due to the small screen)
color palettes (up to 12 colors simulateously) (quite important)

None of the Dingoo emulators I could find can do this. Several PC emulators can do this, like VBA, KiGB or No$GMB.
This project (http://code.google.com/r/clach04-gngb-dingoo/source/browse/README) looks like clach04 has been working on a gnuboy port for dingoo with SGB support (the documentation refers to this, at least). I couldn't get it to compile though, and I suspect it isn't dingoo ready in its current state anyway. clach04's project seems to be dead.

I would LOVE to play Super Game Boy games in all their colorful glory!

Does anyone know of an existing, possibly obscure SGB ready emulator? Is or was there anything in development at some point?
Or is there any developer willing to implement this?  :)