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Title: Need Help With PSX4ALL
Post by: Double_Wide on March 16, 2012, 10:12:46 pm
Ok, so I successfully installed Dingux on my A320 but I'm having trouble booting PSX4ALL. The icon appears in the DINGUX GUI but gives me a black command screen for a few seconds and goes back to the GUI. When I add a selector to the .cfg file, none of the files (including scph1001.bin, which is in the psx4all folder) doesn't boot the emulator up.  I have to questions about the setup:

1. What EXACT file name am I booting up when inserting the following portion of code into menu_emulator.cfg? There isn't an extentension or an extensionless file by the same name in the psx4all folder that I unzipped (see the highlighted):

MenuItem psx4all
Icon = "res/emulators/psx4all.png"
Name = " psx4all"
Executable = "./psx4all"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/emulators/psx4all

2. Should a selector be added to boot the emulator up (ex Selector= Yes)?

3. All the instructions say the same vague thing...but I notice that it never instructs you to unzip the file? If I am suppose to be unzipping the file then which file is it referencing when it tells me to drop it into the psx4all folder (exact name with extensions please)?

Sorry if I come of a bit frustrated, its just I was up all night trying figure out what I'm doing wrong and its bugging me. Any help would be appreciated...