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Good games for native SNES and Genesis emus
« on: March 23, 2010, 09:12:05 pm »
I'm still pretty new to the Dingoo, but from what I gather, the best native emus are for the NES, GB/GBC (Gnuboy), and GBA (haven't heard much about MVS, CPS1, CPS2).  I've also learned that the original, native emus for the SNES and Genesis/MD are not as good as their Dingux counterparts.

However, I was wondering if people could list SNES and Genesis/MD games that run well and relatively glitch-free on the original, native emus.  Or, list those that should not be played with the original, native emus under any circumstances.  I know that there are probably hundreds of games that work fine, but perhaps people could list games that they have completed or beaten so that we know it is possible to do so using the native emu.  A thread like this would be very useful.  Thanks in advance.

P.S.  Just noticed the "Non-working games" list on the Wiki:  But it would still be good to have a list of games that not only worked but worked well.
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