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Author Topic: GBA and Odyssey 2, Pawed and UNpawed emu compatibilty  (Read 3443 times)

Trevor Belomont

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GBA and Odyssey 2, Pawed and UNpawed emu compatibilty
« on: June 07, 2012, 05:46:38 am »
(repost from Unofficial English support site: http://www.dingoo-digital.com/)

...There are two different versions of the GBA.sim, one that works for UNpawed (sometimes referred to as "HK's", essentially an UNpawed unit) and one that works for the Pawed units. By changing the options of either one, during use, makes your system create a .cfg. So, you can either scout around online for the GBA.sim that works for your unit, or find someone who has them both and will share it and/or the .cfg datas like i do...

As a side note, the same thing goes for the Odyssey 2 emulator, "O2EM.sim", two working versions for the two different units, so using the wrong one on the wrong unit will result in emu non-operability/system hang. Also, 1.22 Official FW is, by experience and opinion, the best FW for Native OS users. The other FW's were too unstable, with random system crashes, an overabundance of rom incompatibilty issues, etc. Ever since i went strictly to using 1.22 Official, i've very, very rarely had any issues. Right now i am running 20 different emulators on my units, all off the main, nand memory. No memory card, system hang fixes or other such silliness. Everything's running nice and smooth, just the way it should be...

I discovered all this and a whole lot more shortly after becoming a reseller, i'm talking late nights of troubleshooting, for at least a week... Lots of fun... :)
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