Author Topic: Dingoo A320e - differences between the models + GBA Games  (Read 5874 times)

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Dingoo A320e - differences between the models + GBA Games
« on: January 15, 2013, 04:04:03 pm »
Hello everyone!
Yesturday I bought a Dingoo A320e and I really want to know the differences between the A380 and this model. Also I read that it can NOT emulate GBA titles!
Is this true? I hope not because I really like to play some GBA Games :(


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Re: Dingoo A320e - differences between the models + GBA Games
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2013, 09:31:10 am »
I picked one of these up cheaply to replace my currently broken (and will hopefully be fixed) A320.  I had like you assumed A320-A320e cant be much difference, how wrong was I.

The A320e has the Alien Grey build, and whilst playing about trying to get it working.  The setup all appears a bit of mess.

The CPS1&2 folder is on the external micro SD, but the emulators are in Dingoo native OS not Dingux.  CPS1 games work fine, CPS2 dont (they work fine on my A320 proper).

I see a lot of info about how GBA games dont work.  But there is a GBA ROMS folder on the Micro SD, which had nothing in it.  So I stuck some GBA games in, and fired up Dingoo Native and sure enough the games either don't display at all or dont run.  BUUUUT  if you go into the Brower in Dingoo Native you can browse to the SD folder containing your GBA roms, clock the X button to "tick" a game, then press Select button and your prompted with a run window, click run and the GBA game works fine.

So basically its all a bit of a mess, but works which is fine by me.

I'll do a write up of where to store your games and exactly what format to use.

So far I can't get NeoGeo games working in their native MVS format, but no doubt the games are playable with some tinkering.

It all appears a bit dead on this forum, certainly for these older devices, but i'm all for the great support we've had in the past and I'll attempt to add my own flavour to this over the next few months.


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