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Cant get emulators to work
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:03:14 am »
 Ok. After discovering that I needed to unzip my Rom files to get games to play on my Dingoo A 330 (on my computer the rom files need to stay zipped to run on the emulators), I have about half of these Emulators working...

As it stands, I have SNES, GBA, CPS 1 and 2, NES games and Master system and Game gear games running great...its everything else that's not working right, or at all!!!

Ive got a handful of megadrive (genesis) games running. As for the rest, it says file not found..Ive used different ROM sets..but no go..any suggestions of a good site to get Mega drive ROMS that work on this native Dingoo emulator that I got with the unit?

MAME emu does not respond..Other emulators ive down loaded from the Dingoo site...but I cannot get the Lynx, PSP, Gameboy and MAME emulators to work at all.

its frustrating for I feel my Dingoo is running HALF of what it could be running.

As far as Dingux goes..Im trying to not use it and use the original firmware..but I am wondering do I NEED Dingux to run these other emulators?...I do not want to void my warranty on the unit by installing it...