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Title: Pocket SNES 2.1 SIM version with smz (zip suport).
Post by: naxeras on December 08, 2011, 01:54:31 pm

I edit the source of pocket snes 2.1 to add some changes:

--smz supoort. smz its only a renamed zip with smz extensi?n for suport compressed roms in sim versi?n (low space   requiered without renunciate to sim versi?n.)
--SFC supoort in sim version.
--SMZ and SFC menu navigation suport.
--Overclock increases only 1 unit, not 10.

you can download with source code from here:


Please release soruce code of versi?n 2.2 to add sim supoort and this changes.

I love sim version of emulator for native, thanks to gottax and reesey for release this great emulator.