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Dingoo controls - cheat sheet generation
« on: December 06, 2010, 12:41:38 am »
The other day I was watching a video (in native) and couldn't remember how to rewind :( I forgotten to copy the Quick Ref from on to my Dingoo. So today I've been looking at quick refs for controls.

If you are using Dingux with gmenu2x, you have the option of binding a readme to an icon/app. In native you can use the text reader for reading readmes that are in text format. Meneer Jansen's has a good format for text, you list controls with double newlines, e.g.

Code: [Select]

Template Controls for Dingoo A320

    Up          : Up
    LeftRight   : LeftRight
    Down        : Down
    Start       : Start
    Select      : Select
    A           : A
    B           : B
    X           : X
    Y           : Y
    R           : Shoulder button R
    L           : Shoulder button L
    Power       : Power button/slider

I've hacked up a quick-n-dirty command line Python script (known to work with python 2.5, should work with any 2.x version) to take text files and generate different output. The idea being that you dump the txt file on the dingoo, and then take the output of the script to make Pretty output for web pages/printing. E.g. I used the script to generate a chart for Oh Boy, see

It supports Google Code wiki format, it has experimental Dingoonity wiki output see for an example (this uses the template from, the table needs to have "|}" manually added so this isn't 100% but it is still useful.

It also has experimental Dingoonity forum format too (same problem, you have to add a close table tag by hand at the end of the table". Here is an example for the native movie player:

Code: [Select]
Native Movie Controls for Dingoo A320

    Up          : Volume
    LeftRight   : Prev./next video
hold LeftRight  : Search / Rewind/Fast forward
    Down        : Volume
    Start       : Start
    Select      : Select
    A           : Zoom modes!
    B           : B
    X           : OSD
    Y           : Y
    R           : Pause/resume
    Start + L   : TV out
    Power       : Power button/slider

Which generates:

Native Movie Controls for Dingoo A320

Prev./next video
hold Search / Rewind/Fast forward
Zoom modes!
+ TV out
Power Power button/slider

This makes use of Dingoo Wiki icons (I think by the user Athlon4011).

The forum output isn't great but it is the easiest wy to show what it looks like (check out the wiki and google code link, they are much prettier).

I've attached the python script (rename .txt to .py), it isn't pretty but it mostly works :) You have to have buttons first, separated with " : " then the description.

[edited with wiki example link]
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Re: Dingoo controls - cheat sheet generation
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minor update to handle non-button lines better.


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