Author Topic: Small utilities for the Ben NanoNote  (Read 6548 times)

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Small utilities for the Ben NanoNote
« on: June 12, 2010, 03:06:02 pm »
I made three more or less useful utilities for the NanoNote in the past days, out of boredom (password thing), and necessity (keyCodes and keyboard.c).

  • randomPassword - A super-simple program (like 30 lines of code) that prints a random, 8-character password. Source included.
  • keyboard.c - A file containing DEFINEs for all the NNs keyboard keys, makes it easier to develop programs that take input! (Especially in SDL!)
  • keyCodes - The program created to collect data for keyboard.c. It shows the key code of a key when you press it, press ESC to exit. Source included.


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