Author Topic: Website Updates - Is this thing on? and Dingoo wiki - 23/01/12  (Read 57425 times)

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Website Updates - Is this thing on? and Dingoo wiki - 23/01/12
« on: January 23, 2012, 10:22:20 pm »
Just thought I'd post an update here for anybody who has wondered why the admin side of things has been so quiet around here, and to talk about growth and the Dingoo wiki.

I've neglected the site quite a bit over the past year because I've been very busy with things away from here and have had very little spare time for the site. I'm glad to see things are running along as well today as they were this time last year -- and thankfully the mods haven't had a hard time keeping you folks in line, or deleting spam.

The boards are still seeing 1200-1500 visits per day, which is really incredible. I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the staff for their continued support here on Dingoonity, thanks to Harteex and zear for their moderation, and jagotu and qbertaddict for their hard work keeping the news/frontpage up to date.

The Dingoo community is still going surprisingly strong, even though the original A320 is getting harder and harder to come by for a reasonable price, or with any certainty that it's not a copy/clone. The boards have expanded a little in the past to make space for other similar portable devices such as the Ben Nanonote and SPMP8000 and other Dingoo/Gemei devices.

I've seen the suggestions to add boards for Android-based devices, but I'm having to hold back from that as I don't want the site to sway too far from being a specific forum. I stand by the opinion that if you want to go to a community about portable devices in general, there are plenty of well-founded forums already available.

Late in 2011 the Dingoo wiki went offline for the second time in its history since Dingoonity launched. Unfortunately the wiki wasn't hosted by me, or maintained by me, so it was really out of my control whether it got renewed or not when the domain expired. I've tried to contact Quadomatic with regard to renewing the site, but I think for now it's dead. In February I hope to have some free time so that I can get a dingoonity-hosted wiki launched, so that we have a dedicated and always-up place for the Dingoo wiki.

As per a suggestion I've enabled Tapatalk for the boards, so that you can easily browse the site on your smartphones/tablets using an application that was designed to make browsing forums a lot easier.

I'm not going to be available in the sort of capacity that I was in 2009/2010 as I now have commitments away from Dingoonity, and after spending 9-5 every day doing front-end development, it's hard to find time or to motivate myself to spend my evening on a computer, but as I've mentioned I will make some time to bring the wiki back online in the coming weeks.


Earlier than I had planned, the new Wiki is now live. Click here to see the announcement topic
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Re: Website Updates - Is this thing on? and Dingoo wiki - 23/01/12
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 11:02:07 pm »
Thanks for you work, it's astonishing to see, that the good old Dingoo is still alive and even more, that Dingoonity, is still so lively.
I check in quite regulary, even if I didn't found the time to follow the A320 releases in detail. Dingoonity is a great place if you want to be updated about what's going on.


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Re: Website Updates - Is this thing on? and Dingoo wiki - 23/01/12
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2012, 11:15:23 pm »
I guess it will be awesome to have wiki "here".
It's like an enciclopedia... all together in one place.

Keep looking forward!

Best regards from Portugal!


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