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Website updates - 18/10/09
« on: October 19, 2009, 01:33:03 am »
A couple more changes to the board today:
 - enabled user "Karma". This should provide you folks with a "post great content and get Karma" incentive.
Karma is enabled for members with 5 or more posts.
If you see a post that you like, give whoever posted it a +Karma.

 - enabled the display of multiple user group icons -- this is really only important for board staff, but yeah.
 - enabled (re-enabled?) showing the count for number of PM's in "My Messages" next to the menu item
 - installed a mod/plugin for SMF to change how user profiles are done. They are awesome now.

And for the frontpage, I'm aware of the bugs. The frontpage will get fixed/reworked as soon as I'm finished crawling through the code for the board.

I've spent 2 days now working on the proper board layout and have only done:
 - board index
 - board view
 - login page
 - topic view
 - general head/foot of page

As nice as SMF is to use, it's a complete pain to edit. Anyway, I expect the board theme will be finished by the end of the week!
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