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Website updates - 17/10/09
« on: October 18, 2009, 03:04:01 am »
I've made a couple of changes to the boards today

- added new member groups (board mods will be happy now, aswell as a select few other members)

added a new subforum for general gaming
Along with the addition of this new category, I've also added Blizz as a moderator of the "Retro Gaming" board, where he plans to maintain "Essential lists" of great retro games - so make sure you stop by his topics and list your favourite retro games!

- changed the member star rating:

It now goes like this successively:

0-49 posts:





So the more active you are, the better chance you'll have to show off some fancy new status icons :D

I will most likely add more status icons in the future, to indicate competition winners (yes competitions!) and things like that.

I'm working (endlessly it seems) on improving the website and the forum for you folks. I've already began reworking the board theme into something a lot less buggy, and a lot nicer on the eyes. It's still very much the same design, but with proper design choices and aesthetic tweaks here and there.

News Team
I'm still looking for some news posters with previous experience. Currently we've got myself, Harteex, Consequence_9 and Quadomatic on frontpage/news staff, but as you can see so far the news has been a bit sparse next to the amount of forum updates I'm pushing out, and the hard work these folks are putting in elsewhere.

The roles of the news team members are simple
- post new/cutting edge news to do with Dingoo software releases
- post a daily or weekly digest of Dingoo releases, covering anything that was missed during the week

That's all there is to it. If you think you'd be good for the news team, let me know by PM or in reply to this topic, and the moderation team and myself will decide if you're an appropriate candidate.
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