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Dingoonity turns 1-year-old!

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--- Quote from: Solstice on October 17, 2010, 04:58:35 am ---Good work! but why you thanking xdpirate hes good for nothing but complaining  ;D

--- End quote ---

Pffft, I'm awesome ;)

Thanks for the mention omgmog, I've had a great time on these boards. Thanks to darfgarf, mth and textmode for loads of programming protips, and thanks to all who download and use my software.

DHR will be up again as soon as I work out my hosting problems, and I'm working on some new apps.

Congratulations!! Happy Birthday Dingoonity!! The best Dingoo web!  ;D

Thanks for the efforts to get this upo and running. I wanted to tell the OP that I actually like the current design: clean and nice. No need to feel ashamed of it !

Happy Birthday Dingoonity

If it wasn't for this website my Dingoo would still be bricked from the first day I tried installing
new firmware. I have found many answers to things I've wondered what I could do on my

Good job omgmog and everyone else who helps to keep this community what it is.
Keep up the good work. ;D

Congratulations Dingoonity! :)

A big thanks to omgmog and the team for your hard work! Dingoonity is my number one place for my Dingoo related needs

And a another big thanks to the community and all the talented developers! The Dingoo wouldnt be the same without you!


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