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YDGP 16 setup
« on: May 24, 2012, 12:35:02 am »
So I just got my first console today, and I am wondering what to do now.  I see people always talking about rooting devices, ect.  I don't know exactly what that means.  I want to be able to play my old games on it through emulators, is there a thread that walks me through how to set this up, or a video, that also explains what all this means?  I have also read that these devices come running under the stated specs, so you need to install custom firmware.  I know people out there like qbertaddict and others do a lot of this stuff in videos, but I haven't found one that explains what this all means, so I would appreciate the clarification, like I am an idiot.  (I am pretty tech savvy, but first device, so I want to learn like I am dumb, as this is new tech to me)  Thank you!

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Re: YDGP 16 setup
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So, after reading some more, I kind of understand rooting, it sounds a lot like dos, being able to go into anything and editing as you see fit.  What I am confused on now, is what is the best way to set up this device.  I am assuming I should follow qberts video for using livesuite and fully rooting my device, and updating the firmware, correct?

Also, once I do this, will the game manage/all programs that came installed (emulators, games, ect.) be gone? If so, am I left with just a fully functioning android OS that I need to install whatever I want on there? (new emulators, roms, android games)  Or am I missing a step on how things work?  Thanks


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Re: YDGP 16 setup
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Rooting allows you administrative permissions on your device.

With admin permissions you can remove pre installed apps but takes a little command line knowledge or ability to follow a guide that describes what to remove and whatnot. It will also allow you to make system wide changes. Most changes done without root permissions will go away if you factory reset (by menu)

Installing a custom rom is recommended because most of the command line and rooting stuff is taken care of already. Custom roms are sometimes less stable than stock but are useally more functional if that makes sense.

If you want to install your own emulators that may or may not come pre installed stock I'd use a custom rom. If this is your first android device I'd suggest leaving it stock for a while and just get comfortable with it.

There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming, I started off as a complete Linux noob before picking up android... it just takes a little time and research of things you don't understand.

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Re: YDGP 16 setup
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2012, 01:27:11 am »
I watched qbertaddict's video on youtube on using livesuite to fully root the device.  If I do this, will anything disappear then, or will it just allow me to remove items that I currently cannot?  Basically, I want to make this as best as possible for playing on emulators, and have been reading these forums, along with some others.  Sadly, I am not finding a lot of information outside qberts video on this, and I am not sure that fully explains what the rooting does.  I don't want to screw up my device, and want to take it slow.  If rooting it doesn't delete anything, but just gives me access to, I feel comfortable doing this.  Thank you for your answer before, and hopefully, you or someone else can clarify a bit more! 

Also, if you know where any links are that would be a good place to read, I would appreciate it.  Once I get this all figured out, I am hoping to write a beginners guide for this process to help people move on to the next level, that most, from what I read, seem to be at.


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