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Title: quick question about hypothetical device
Post by: jimclarson on June 11, 2016, 05:17:11 am
how long do you think it will take for something with durable high end build quality to come out with 4+ gb ram and a proscessor/gpu equal or better than the tegra k1 and a 6 inch high res ips or better screen with ultra quality gaming controls as well as a battery that lasts atleast 7-8 hours under intense useage without getting hot and and the unit be built like a sega gamegear in terms of general shape and feel when you hold it? i'd love if something like this came out. i currently have a nvidia sheild portable from 2013 and i've begun itching for some new hardware, mainly due to the fact that 16 gb internal memory isnt a whole lot these days for a high end device. just wondering if anybody has an idea of when we can expect to see devices with these kindsof specs in the market at prices of roughly $180 or less. build quality and ruggedness for me is what i pay most attention to when it comes to buying electronics. heavy plastics, tight case construction, electronics not prone to failure, this is all important to me. please share your comments,
Title: Re: quick question about hypothetical device
Post by: darthskids on June 11, 2016, 09:13:36 am
With what you're asking for, probably never.  The shield portable didn't exactly take the world by storm and with nvidia talking about getting out of the SoC market that leaves only the chinese manufacturers.  If you want to get a new toy, there's always the shield tablet or the google pixel c, or jxd s192, or GDP win.  Pick your poison.

Hell, my s7800b outlived my shield portable.  Stupid clamshell screen ribbon.