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Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:52:47 am »
Hey heads up to you all... None... I mean NONE of the X1 prototypes work properly... NEVER BUY THEM... After sometime the power and voltage will really take a toll... The X1 was never meant to be that cramped for air and temp control... The K1 models strangely enough DO work without any power/heat issues. The X1 units have the speakers lose juice/crackle, and sometimes the game controller/system hardware will shut off randomly and need a hard reset. Bottom line... The X1 units were dreams and concepts... Never really developed on much. The older LOKI with the K1 chips must have had MUCH more debugging and designing done for it. The K1 unit I have has tons of apps meant to test/crash/force system performance problems and correct them.

*GOOGLEPLAY Store is not supported... This device is not known nor has any ID for the store. Just use another alternate STORE apk and sideload. The debug commands are nice and the ADB support is good on this. I just used the generic GOOGLE USB driver and it worked. You can tell that LOKI is not playing too nice though. I can send commands to the deivce and reboot it with the command ABD shell, it just loads no bootloader. It does not have one. Somehow there is a STOCK ROM on the recovery partition. Factory reset works and I have done it a few times.

Keep your eyes peeled for the K1 units... So please... DO NOT SEEK THE X1 models... Even if you find one that works to an extent... The design was NEVER perfected and the voltage and power draw is just too much and will eventually kill the hardware... The cracked tablets and Nintendo Switches PROVE they cannot handle the X1's temp and power needs. The Shield TV Box CAN because of design and fan design.

I also find that these prototypes are locked and not always usable. Devkit Keygen encryption etc. SO BEWARE...

I took a gamble for $170 and assumed that the later LOKI prototype with same 5" 720p LCD+ scaling chip / SAME as normal Tegra 4 portable would be way more developed... I was right. Seems that the only difference is the Android version and the SOC drivers for the K1 chip. One annoying thing I will say about the K1 protos is this... They are called LOKI Diagnostics in their model name and as such the device is not MADE for gaming rather for testing hardware and thermal limits. The SOC/CPU has 4 cores... Yet, 3 of them are LOCKED and turned OFF... I gained ROOT and got them firing up so it is possible to get them back! Just a FYI.

The only issue I have the with K1 model is the GPU drivers are older and the OpenGL support in the older Devkit ROM is not updated with optimizations. I hope to make my own ROM or get some help to modify the DUMPed ROM of the stock Devkit ROM. I also am surprised that the factory reset did not brick my unit... My K1 has no bootloader, it boots to a blank screen when using ADB bootloader reboot commands, so that is odd...

The K1 prototype I have never gets hot and the fan never kicks on. I did have it kick on when the 4 cores were running at full 2.3Ghz though. The fan did come on and once it hits the MAX 90C Temp/junction it shuts down. I do not think pushing it is good. Good luck finding one guys! Rooting was easy with Towelroot and SuperSU all works perfect.

THIS THING is the one one of the rarest things I have ever owned.

Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help with updating the OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics source. Total NOOB.

UoYabuse runs way too slow and has glitches and such. I need newer OpenGL support for this Devkit Rom. Any ideas? I can dump the factory image and see about making my own ROM. I mean, I have the will but the skill will not be so easy... Heh.

The LOKI K1 prototypes are either busted with disabled CPU cores or bricked. The unit I have has a full factory ROM somewhere on the partition, somehow... The bootloader is gone... Only a black screen when using ADB for the bootloader command. So yeah, Very odd. I will say that it is great to have a working Prototype that has no crashes and power shutdown issues. I just want to update the ROM's graphics support and source to the recent K1's updates. Any ideas guys?
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Re: Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2018, 11:18:02 am »
It really looks like you have the awesome X1, not K1.
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Re: Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2018, 11:32:10 am »
No, it is the K1. It has the same A15 cores. 4 cores and 1 hidden low power companion core + 2 GB RAM. It has the 192 core GPU too.

It is  2014/2015 date of service. Android Kitkat STOCK. It is called LOKI DIAGNOSTICS

Remember NO ONE has a stable working X1... I think Nvidia scrapped the X1. They KNEW the design was just asking for more temp problems... After the K1 tablets cracked... They sold the ideas to Nintendo and the X1 was downclocked... The Switches are all cracking apart now...

That X1 is too much for these devices to handle guys.
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Re: Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2018, 11:36:03 am »
I may be the only one with a prototype that is almost finished and has the most development done. Everyone sells the X1 because it is not stable. I figured this out and opted to find the overlooked K1 units. I found this one with physical buttons and knew it was much older. The dpad design also supported this fact/assumption. The amazing thing is the factory reset works and the recovery image is in the partition somewhere. That is so neat... That always bricks them sadly.

The main 2 issues are the older OPENGL ES graphics source in the ROM and the 3 cores being turned off from the the stock debugging ROM config. ROOT access fixed these issues. I still want to update the OPENGL ES support though. UoYabuse is not running correctly and needs the newer updates that the K1 tablets have for the OPENGL drivers.

I will say when 4 cores are running at 2.3ghz... Wow... It is so fast. Best android device I have used like this.
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Re: Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2018, 05:09:42 pm »

Let me try to save you some time and explain somethings before you go and waste a lot of time with this nightmare... First... NO ONE has kept their X1 prototypes for some reason... That reason is they all crash and have power/hardware issues that cause them to lose function/power/sound. The speakers need juice and the unit is not designed with proper voltage considerations. So, in a nutshell... NO ONE has a fully usable and working X1 prototype. They all have issues even when they DO BOOT... Remember that...

Save yourself time and just forget that X1 model... If you must know the devs never got very far in the "LokiEwifi's" development. LokiEwifi is the code name for the X1 they were working on. The only X1 units were used at the press shows for OEM/Vendors. They were all show and not stable at all... They only made them work to impress for short times. They were not developed to GAME on. They never had the rigorous development and debugging that the K1 LOKI model had 1 year before.

The only LOKI model that I know of that works with all the features fixed/developed was the older one... The K1 model called Tegra K1 (LOKI Diagnostics). This was a developer/debugger unit. This was in the last/final stages of development and had a much more stable design than the newer/later X1 units... It also had zero issues with voltage/power draw and software crashes due to it using a very developed version of KitKat. The X1 had hardly any work done to ensure stability like the K1 LOKI that came before It. The older LOKI used the Tegra K1 SOC and had 2GB RAM / 5 Inch 720p screen and identical parts as the Tegra 4 consumer model. They had very little need to reprogram and get that hardware working stable. I have researched them all and the only prototype that you want is that one. LOKI DIAGNOSTICS

I own the last revision of (LOKI DIAGNOSTICS) and trust me it works with no issues and even has the factory stock recovery image. The unit is full of tester apps and debugging tools to better improve the LOKI devkit's stability. The main issue with my K1 model is that the CPU cores are turned off on the stock debugger K1 system OS/ROM... I did however gain ROOT access with Towelroot and SuperSU. CPU clock/core tools helped me get them enabled again. 2.3ghz on all 4 cores is really fast and uses very little power. The other issue is the older outdated OpenGL driver/source in that debugger ROM. I am looking to update it and make a custom ROM... Maybe... Still not sure I will risk it...

Never try to flash a ROM on these... They have no support. I am in the process of getting some new drivers built for my ROM, maybe even make my own ROM after I dump the factory image? Not sure I will risk it though. I can communicate with LOKI in the ADB terminal... However the device is not fully implemented and give errors due to the support and development lacking for ADB interfacing. Do you see what you may face with the X1? Even if you get it to work... The device is a concept and the controller/system/speakers will lose power and shutdown rapidly. The unit will face hardware damage. The X1 is a cursed chip... If those issues don't defeat you... The higher temperature and junction/thermal level limits WILL... The X1 is a power hungry SOC and they gave it no room to breathe like it needs and the cooling fan is the base design for LOKI K1.


Never look back. Look for the older K1 models that have the physical navigation buttons + 5" 720p screens man. I got mine from a guy in California and I am sure other devs have them and will sell them eventually.


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Re: Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2018, 09:08:51 pm »
You lucky bastard, how the hell did you find one for just $170?
The one that I think I saw was like over $300.

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Re: Nvidia Shield Portable Tegra K1 LOKI Prototype - Need help
« Reply #6 on: August 02, 2018, 01:52:18 am »
Well I got a refund for $50 since the 3 cores were disabled... Seller did not realize it was crippled. That debugger ROM is not for performance use. It was slower than a Tegra 4 when I got it... After some work inside ADB shell command etc... I got the 3 cores fired on and working. I paid $220 total and that $50 partial refund was to make my loss a lesser hit. $170 total was just a lucky break for me. The factory restore/reset worked and I used Towelroot and got it ROOTED. The bootloader is non-existent though. I was very lucky.

The last owner had no idea how to make it work and he was not brave enough to factory reset... I do not blame him... I just knew it was my only chance. The device had alot of development and stable function. Never shut down and the speakers never crackled. It seems the early LOKI models had months and months of dev work unlike the X1 units that were more of a concept in design. I was... to say the least... GLAD... It all worked out... I am glad it paid off, but honestly... I am surprised it did not brick. If you have any questions let me know.

Again, I am telling you all to avoid the X1 models... They are not as developed as the LOKI DIAG models. The hardware on this is stable and the device runs cooler than my old Shield Portable Tegra 4. The LOKI K1 model in the later stages is just amazing. I just need to make my own ROM from the factory dump and add updated drivers to the source build. Maybe, Man I will have to learn some serious shit to get this "perfect" still... I see many people brick theirs... I am not too keen on that scenario.
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