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Re: JXD S603, S5100 Deluxe/Pract Ed. up on
« Reply #15 on: June 07, 2012, 01:19:12 am »
no shoulder buttons on S5100 and S603

(i got confirmation via email)

Hahahaha... Ąclassic!


I really don't get these chinese companies, do they not listen to their consumers.  They almost had it right with the 5100 & s603 but forgot the shoulder buttons.  And why do they insist on copying stuff that's already out there.  Why not make an original design.  I dig the design of the JXD A3300, if only it were an android device.  I for one would gladly put out $250 USD if they would finally get it right. That's really not that high of a price when you think about it, being able to have emulation and play everything up the the N64 & PS1

My ideal game device would have a true analog stick, a one piece d-pad, 6 face buttons, shoulder buttons, a 5 point touch screen, be clocked to at least 800MHz, run on Android & come already rooted with none of the extra crap they like to put on.  I know that's asking way more than those companies would ever do but I can always dream.  And like I said if by some fluke they actually do get that right I'd gladly pay the extra money for it.  I mean hell.... i know they're bigger more well know companies, but Sony & Nintendo have a higher price points and people still buy the crap out of those devices. 


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Re: JXD S603, S5100 Deluxe/Pract Ed. up on
« Reply #16 on: June 07, 2012, 02:58:28 am »
madasahatter, I think what you mention is what most people what to say to JXD and other Chinese company. Here in China, manufacture are keen on re-designing handhelds from Nintendo or Sony. They can re-design any thing and sell them in a lower price. That is the advantage of Chinese manufacture. But they can not completely copy ideas from Nintendo, Sony or other big TOP 500 companies. It is forbidden and they will get trouble in privacy right if they do that. Thus, these Chinese manufactures will only design some part of the devices. But I think they know people's demand like they know the game rules on cloning.

It needs time for improving the product. But the bigger the company is, the slower they react. This is very common in China. It will cost a lot of time when a new idea push out and admired by the boss.

Anyway, I think you guys had given out very good suggestion on Chinese Android Retro Handhelds. I think there will be one device that meet your demand will come out in the future- as we said before, it needs time. :)


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