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JXD S601 in 2020 ...
« on: November 12, 2020, 10:50:08 pm »
Hello everyone !

Last year I happened to buy two JXD consoles very cheaply. One was S601 and the second one S7300. The first one supposedly had problems with buttons, but ... I guess the problem was because the first owner didnt knew about the "lock" in the bottom haha. The second one had more serious issue with OS not booting up. I replaced it with Skelrom alternative rom, and since then I can play PSP and PSX games. What's quite funny is the fact that PSP games work quite okay, and some of them even in 2x res, and PSX so far runs like a charm, but Gameboy Advance struggles lol. I guess that's because of old RetroArch, but after all I cant complain. For a lunch money I got a console that plays Persona 2 and even 3. I'm more than happy with it. Sure, I could mess with Reicast and Dolphin, but to be fair I doubt this console is powerful enough for that generation of consoles. May do a quick video soon.

But S601 ... I'm not sure what to make of this one. At first it had original FW, but I also replaced it thinking that it will be better. Not really. But lets start from the beginning.
Without having high hopes I thought about having some fun and installed PPSSPP. And you know what ? Not only I was able to grab one from Playstore, I was also able to configure it without problems, and even run a simple game on it. Seeing that I really had my hopes up, until a few days later the emulator started to behave weirdly, displaying only half of the screen. It wasnt a big deal though, because since it could run PSP, I thought older consoles would be a breeze. Sadly not.
Since I wasnt really hot for consoles like NES, Genesis and so on, I didnt even tested them, but I guess those would be fine anyway. I was trying to find a PSX emulator, and sadly couldnt really find anything. Many good emulators are not present in Playstore due to how old my Android is. And here the problems starts.

Too many apps are unavailable currently to be obtained legally. I would purchase the good emulator such as FPSe, but my Playstore doesnt even detect it :( Sure, there are other emulators that are available for purchase, but honestly I dont really know them, and I'm not sure whether those are worth my money.
And if you happen to find a older app like for example I did with Retroarch - it often works really sloppy.
At least there is Snes9x, that is great. I had no problems with any game I tested on it, while testing same ones at Retroarch resulted in choppy framerate.

And here the story goes ... By removing the original firmware I thought the console would be better. To some point it is, because I can play SNES games smoothly. But the configuration of other emu's made me feel like I'm a bit ... too late for everything. And it's quite sad. I really like this console. It is very well build, battery lasts long, and even though I sacrificed TV out (I adore composite TV out because I'm a CRT freak) I really hoped this would be my new solution for gaming on the go. Sure S7300 is even better but quite big while this one fits in pocket. But it all seems like those few years were enough for this cool console to get too old.
I will still try to find good emu, maybe outside of Playstore, and make proper use of it. If I manage to get PSX and GBA (as it was already working when it was stock) running on this, I'm more than happy with the results. Doubt I would ever bring back TV out function, but maybe just maybe it is possible too.

So, thats about it. I'm happy that both consoles do work, and are not electronic waste we already have too much. I'm just hoping I could squeeze out a bit more than I have now.

Oh and btw you probably are wondering about Android games on this device ? I havent installed anything, not really a fan of those. Sorry :(


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